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"Autumn leaves shower like gold, like rainbows, as the winds of change begin to blow."

– Dan Millman


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Thanks to the generosity of our community supporters we are able to waive all membership fees until further notice.


Sometimes, folks just need a little help. That's why Coastline Neighbors was created, to do just that, help our neighbors! We provide a strong and active network of volunteers that may be the support you need to remain in the home and neighborhood you love while staying active and engaged.

Does volunteering sound interesting?
The more volunteers we have the
more people we can help in our community.
If you need a little support
to continue living safely in
the home of your choice we
might be the people who
can help you do just that.
Help spread the word about
Coastline Neighbors
download the brochure and
share it with a
neighbor, friend or family member

Your Home

Your Community

Your Choice

Please remember, it is important that we all follow the OHA and CDC guidelines and Governor’s directives about social distancing, wearing facial coverings in public and protecting yourselves by staying home to slow the spread and save lives. Click the links below for COVID-19 Resources