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Coastline Neighbors Brochure

Started in April of 2016, Coastline Neighbors is part of the nationwide "village movement" where individuals are taking charge of their future as they age. Research has shown that people want to live safely, confidently and independently in the home of their choice and enjoy the neighborhoods they love. However, few community resources are available to make this possible for most people.

The "Village Movement" is a concept where a community of people pool resources by paying membership dues and volunteering their skills and time to support the Village infrastructure and to assist one another. The first Village was founded in Boston in 2001. Currently 200 villages are operational in the United States; with over 150 more, in the development stage. Each village is unique to its location but provides support and resources to one another through The Village-to-Village Network .

The members of Coastline Neighbors can use services in a variety of ways:
• Requesting a little help when it is needed.
• Having the convenience of calling one number for different types of services, whether it is for a driver or to change a light bulb.
• Enjoying being part of a mutually supportive community by volunteering to assist others.

Members of Coastline Neighbors will enjoy benefits that enrich life today while also assuring peace of mind about the future.

Clearly, Coastline Neighbors is onto something!