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“How do you spell ‘love’?   -Piglet

“You don’t spell it, you feel it.”  -Pooh


One call does it all (541) 207-1366

Coastline Neighbors is an all-volunteer organization managed by members and member volunteers. While we cannot guarantee each and every service at all times, we are confident that we will be able to consistently meet the requests of our members as we grow.

Coastline Neighbors takes
pride in our transportation
program. It is truly Neighbors
helping Neighbors!

Volunteers pick up and drive
members to and from shopping, local appointment, events or social activities.

Coastline Neighbors will coordinate rides with public transportation when necessary.

If transportation is needed to a neighboring county for medical treatment, let’s talk!

Coastline Neighbors’ volunteers offer the same assistance that a neighbor would provide.

Hanging curtains, grocery shopping, returning library books, changing bed sheets, light bulbs or smoke detector batteries, plant and pet care in emergencies…

If a smart phone, TV, computer or social media have you puzzled, we’ve got you covered! Our volunteers have the skills to offer assistance.

All of our volunteers have been vetted using background and driving record checks. They also receive ongoing training.

There’s nothing like knowing someone cares and contacts you regularly by phone, just to say hello and see what’s happening.

If you are socially isolated you can stay connected to the world with our friendly visitors.

Need help finding local activities, a walking buddy or concert companion? Our volunteers may be able to help!

Coastline Neighbors offers a sense of community that allows friendships to develop among the members and volunteers!