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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Coastline Neighbors?

Members may live in any neighborhood within Curry County with sufficient volunteer support. The number of members we can serve is limited only by the number of volunteers who join with us.


Are there age restrictions for membership?  How old are most members? 
Anyone over 18 years old can join Coastline Neighbors. We anticipate that most of our members will be in their 60s, 70s, or 80s. However, membership is open to all individuals who could use a little help.

Can I buy my parents or someone else a membership?
Absolutely. We’d be happy to help you give a gift membership to your parents or to anyone else. Families are often reassured to learn how Coastline Neighbors can make living easier and how we help people stay in their homes and neighborhoods.

What kinds of services are offered? 

We give the kind of assistance a neighbor might offer. These services are provided by vetted volunteers. Services are generally provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM, however, other hours can be arranged.

What won’t we do?
Anything requiring a license other than for driving, such as plumbing or electrical work.  Anything that involves personal or medical care, such as bathing, dressing or feeding, or giving medications. Anything requiring a fiduciary relationship, such as writing checks.


Aren’t the services Coastline Neighbors provides already available through other community agencies? 

Yes, some are, but no agency can do everything for everybody. Coastline Neighbors will work to not duplicate services. We will utilize and supplement existing community agencies for our member's benefit. 

If Coastline Neighbors is an all-volunteer organization,
why is there a fee for membership? 

Even though Coastline Neighbors is an ‘All Volunteer’ organization, we still have expenses. We need to pay for liability insurance, background checks, technology to maintain our virtual office, and filing fees to register required State and Federal documents. Membership fees will pay for these necessary expenses. It is our goal to be excellent stewards for our members. We will always keep our membership fees as low as possible.


How do I arrange for services?

Members only need to place one call to 541-207-1366 to arrange for services. Volunteer Call Managers answer the phone during our "office hours" from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, weekdays.  At other times, you can leave a message and we will return your call during office hours.


Member requests will be posted on our secure site where Coastline Neighbors volunteers will accept assignments that match their skills and schedule. The volunteer will then contact the member to work out arrangements. If a service request is beyond volunteer capacity, Coastline Neighbors will inform the member of other resources available in our community.

If there is an emergency, how do you help? 
Coastline Neighbors is not an emergency response service.  During a medical emergency, members should call 911 or their doctor.  Coastline Neighbors will help with non-medical follow-up needs at home. 

I live on a fixed income and cannot afford the membership fee.  Does that mean I can’t join?
If it is a burden to pay your membership dues in one lump sum, you can pay in quarterly or monthly installments through automatic bank withdrawals. 

Coastline Neighbors has a commitment to building a membership that reflects our population, and that includes those with low incomes. The Sand Dollar Scholarship Fund subsidized four membership a year. Contact us for more information. 


Why should I join if I’m active and healthy right now? 
Many members join as a form of insurance.  Membership provides you with peace of mind that you will have help in the future to continue living in the home of your choice. As a member of Coastline Neighbors, you can be assured that you have a supportive community.  


If you not ready to become a member yet there are many ways to support Coastline Neighbors.

  • Donate to help ensure that Coastline Neighbors will be here for you tomorrow.
  • Become a volunteer.
  • Tell your friends, loved ones and neighbors about Coastline Neighbors.


Can I be both a member and a volunteer?

Of course! As a member you need may need transportation. As a volunteer you might like to make a few check-in phone calls. Nobody is required to become both a member and a volunteer.

Who can be a volunteer?

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Coastline Neighbors! Adults of all ages, talents and interests are welcome. Volunteers must submit an application, pass a background check, schedule an interview and attend a training session.


Do the volunteers have insurance, particularly when transporting someone in a car?

Our volunteer drivers must have their own personal vehicle insurance coverage. Coastline Neighbors maintains a secondary insurance on our drivers. We also have a separate volunteer accident insurance policy to support the volunteer's personal coverage.


Does it cost to volunteer?

Nope! It does cost you some of your time to volunteer, but we know you will agree it will be time well spent.


Is there a minimum number of hours a volunteer must work?

Nope! It is your choice. Volunteer as often as you wish. You can select the requests that fit your skills and schedule. Generally, volunteers provide one or two services per month, although some volunteers do much more.